University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham adopted a coordinated approach to tackling travel impacts and managed to meet their carbon footprint reduction target 4 years ahead of time. 28% of their fleet now consists of alternative fuel vehicles, winning them the Best Public Sector Fleet award at Fleet Heroes Awards & Conference 2017.

Monica Guise, Post, Portering & Transport Services Manager, gives us an insight into how other fleets can start to make their own emission-reducing changes.

What made you to apply for the Fleet Heroes Awards?

The Fleet Heroes Awards are unique as they are organised by Energy Saving Trust in partnership with Department of Transport, and therefore hold a huge amount of respect across the industry.


What did winning a Fleet Heroes Award mean to the organisation?

It was a clear recognition of our contribution to the industry and enabled us to showcase our achievements within the higher education sector: a recognisable brand that holds respect across all industries.


How has winning a Fleet Heroes Award helped or impacted your work in the past year?

It has certainly given us an increased profile both within the industry, but more importantly within the organisation.


What advice would you give to those who have recently started making changes in their fleets to help reduce emissions and save fuel?

Firstly, analyse your current data to understand the overall position. Take a holistic approach to all transport and travel of your organisation. Recognise there will be some ‘quick wins’ but work towards long-term realistic targets.


For those who are thinking of applying, what would you recommend they include in their application?

Be concise and focus on hard statistics which demonstrate a reduction in emissions or impact on air quality.


What are current issues within the transport sector that need addressing?

Electric charging points and infrastructure. There has been substantial progression within vehicle manufacturing, but this needs to be matched with the infrastructure in order for it to work.

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