Judging Criteria

Entry process

Please submit up to 1000 words in the application form explaining the achievements of your organisation in your chosen category.

To give your application the best chance of success, please refer to the below judging criteria and the guidance notes [on the application form] when preparing your application. Where possible, please attach relevant supporting evidence to demonstrate or quantify your achievements.

Organisations can apply for multiple award categories but should submit a separate application form for each. For each category, a runner-up and winner will be announced. Any organisation based in the UK can apply to the awards.  

The deadline for applications is Monday 30 September 2019.

Email your completed application form(s) to fleetheroes@est.org.uk.


Supporting evidence

Judging will be based primarily on the information provided in the narrative in your application form. Applicants are encouraged to quantify or evidence their achievements where possible.  

You may attach up to three additional documents as evidence. These should quantify any fuel, mileage and emissions reductions achieved in support of the application.  The inclusion of any and all supporting information in the judging process will be at the judges’ discretion. Statistics or highlights from the application form narrative and supporting evidence may be used in materials associated with the Fleet Heroes Awards, unless the applicant requests that certain information remains confidential.

Please attach any evidence when emailing your completed application form to fleetheroes@est.org.uk.

Applicants must submit their organisation’s logo in high quality JPEG and EPS format. The logos will only be used for event materials, such as the website, brochure and presentations on the evening of the Awards.

Electric Vehicle Hero

This award will recognise an organisation which has adopted a significant number of pure electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles as a proportion of their fleet, or has taken an innovative approach to overcome obstacles to allow the adoption of electric vehicles.

Applications are encouraged from organisations of all types and sizes. It should be clear in the application how the organisation manages the recharging of vehicles and supporting evidence is encouraged.

As well as the number of EVs adopted, the judges will be looking for organisations which have taken positive steps, such as:

  • demonstrating of the environmental and financial benefits of electric vehicles
  • analysing the number and type of chargepoints required, and managing any electricity supply constraints
  • engaging employees to encourage uptake and acceptance of EVs
  • developing policies to ensure drivers choosing plug-in hybrids do not lead to an increase in vehicle tailpipe emissions and that they are frequently recharged
  • changing relevant fleet and travel policies to encourage EV adoption by employees
  • encouraging  market development by disseminating the benefits of EVs.

Smarter Business Travel Hero

This award will recognise an organisation that are reducing the impact of their business travel and positively influencing the behaviour of their drivers to reduce carbon and nitrogen dioxide emissions. Applications are encouraged from organisations of all types and sizes.

Strategies undertaken by organisations may include:

  • training employees in fuel-efficient driving techniques
  • improving grey fleet management, for example introducing mileage management strategies, updating and communicating travel hierarchies and fleet use policies
  • encouraging the appropriate allocation and use of company cars, daily rental, pool cars, public transport, active travel, or pioneering mobility as a service.

The judges will be looking for organisations that can demonstrate excellent data management and evidence of the benefits that the changes have resulted in.

Sustainable Deliveries Hero

This new award for 2019 will recognise an organisation that is improving the efficiency and sustainability of their delivery or collection services, and is truly leading the sector.

Applications are invited from a wide range of organisations who are actively reducing their emissions while ensuring an excellent service. For example, heavy duty goods vehicle operators undertaking fuel-efficiency driver training or optimising routes, or organisations who are adopting electric vans or ecargo bikes for last mile deliveries.

Organisations should be able to explain their motivations, evidence the results of the changes and describe any challenges they have overcome.

Future Cities Hero

This award will recognise a town, city or region that is undertaking an ambitious programme of measures to address greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution and improve urban mobility. This may include implementing air quality, active travel or business engagement initiatives, installing public EV charging or other infrastructure, improvements to public transport, changes to taxi and private hire licensing or planning policies.

Applications are welcomed from local authorities, or other public sector bodies and organisations who are responsible for, or strongly influence, transport services.

Judges will be looking for applications which display an innovative and co-ordinated approach, at departmental and organisational level, and who are building partnerships with the wider community.

N.B. Local authorities who are adopting electric vehicles for use by their own staff should apply for the Electric Vehicle Fleet Hero Award.

Innovation Hero

This award will recognise an organisation offering an innovative product or service that reduces carbon emissions or air pollution, or which presents a novel solution to a transport/travel challenge.

Organisations of any size can apply. Judges will be looking for evidence that the product or service is having or enabling a significant, positive impact and is disrupting its market sector.

The judges encourage organisations to demonstrate how they have orientated their brand, culture and operations to minimise their environmental impact.

Unsung Hero

This award will recognise an individual who has proactively driven change within their organisation or across the sector, and has demonstrated their commitment to improving the sustainability of transport. Judges will reward someone whose passion and/or leadership has inspired others to adopt sustainable practices and enhanced their organisation’s environmental credentials.


You can nominate a colleague, client or supplier for this award. Please complete the application form on their behalf, describing their achievements. EST will contact the nominee in late October (about a month before the Awards evening) if they are shortlisted by the judges.

EST Fleet of the Year

This award category is not open for applications and will be awarded to an organisation that has particularly impressed the EST Transport team. Nominated organisations will be contacted in late October, at the latest, if they are shortlisted.

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