Cross River Partnership

Cross River Partnership is a public-private partnership that has been delivering regeneration projects in London since 1994.

The Partnership has approached the air quality issue through a wide-reaching engagement campaign at an individual, local and business level. Their approach includes initiatives such as encouraging parcel consolidation and tips for choosing walking routes with less exposure to air pollution.

Project Manager Brendon Harper tells us more about what winning the Clean Air Award at Fleet Heroes Awards & Conference in 2017 meant to Cross River Partnership.

Why did you apply?

Cross River Partnership applied to the Fleet Heroes Awards to help showcase the wide range of action we are taking with and alongside our partners to improve air quality.


How do you feel about winning?

We were thrilled! Winning the Clean Air Award at Fleet Heroes Awards & Conference 2017 was fantastic recognition for all of our public and private sector partners’ work to reduce emissions from deliveries and travel.


What difference has winning this award made to your organisation and the work you do?

The Clean Air Award supported Cross River Partnership's reputation as experts in air quality, deliveries and servicing, helping secure additional engagement and funding for our business-facing programmes.


What do you think are current issues within the fleet world that need to be addressed?

The Mayor of London’s impending Ultra-Low Emission Zone is steering fleet operators towards cleaner, more efficient vehicles. Beyond that, the Mayor has set a goal to reduce the number of delivery and servicing vehicles entering central London at morning peak times by 10% by 2026. This will required sustained action by fleet operators, businesses and the public sector, and Cross River Partnership is proud to be continuing to work across these sectors to achieve this.  

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