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The Fleet Heroes Awards showcase organisations that are proactively delivering a cleaner, safer, more efficient future for road transport. Back for their 13th year, the Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of fleets, businesses, local authorities and others who are taking action to reduce carbon emissions, tackle air pollution and improve business operations and public services.

The Awards also celebrate organisations that are driving the uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles, forward thinking approaches taken in our towns and cities, and the unsung Fleet Heroes among us who innovate and inspire action in others. Winning a Fleet Hero Award is a great boost for organisations, recognising hard work, determination and a commitment to sustainability. 

The awards & conference will be held on Tuesday 27th November at the De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden, WC2B 5DA.

The deadline for applications is Monday 1st October 2018.

The Award categories for 2018 are…

Fleet Hero

Recognises public and private sector organisations that have taken measures to achieve substantial emissions reductions and fuel savings, and have been particularly innovative in their approach.

City or Town Hero 

Celebrates towns and cities undertaking ambitious programmes of measures to reduce carbon and pollutant emissions from road transport, delivering cleaner air for its citizens.

Ultra-low Emission Fleet Hero 

Recognises public or private sector organisations which have adopted a significant number of ULEVs as a proportion of its total fleet or has taken an innovative approach in integrating ULEVs.

Smarter Travel Hero 

Showcases private or public sector organisations that have implemented smarter travel initiatives and are reducing grey fleet use (private vehicles used for work purposes).

Ecodriving Hero 

Celebrates organisations that have strongly committed to efficient driving and can demonstrate the positive differences that this has made.

Fleet Hero Entrepreneur 

Recognises innovation by smaller organisations such as SMEs, entrepreneurs and start-ups which will reduce emissions from vehicles. 

Ultra-low Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Hero 

Rewards organisations taking a lead to improve the UK’s charging infrastructure for ultra-low emission vehicles and remove barriers to their everyday use.. 

Freight Hero 

Recognises a business operating commercial vehicles which is leading the way in reducing emissions and improving sustainability.

Unsung Fleet Hero

Celebrates individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to sustainable fleet practices by proactively driving significant organisational and behavioural changes or have championed change across the fleet sector.

Guidance and Supporting Documents

Guidance notes

Please ensure applications cover the following where applicable:

  • Overview of the measures implemented and the impact of those measures. Judges are particularly looking for applicants who demonstrate innovative approaches and can supply evidence of results achieved.

  • Details of emissions savings achieved and evidence of how figures have been derived, including any assumptions made. If available, third party verification of figures should be provided.

  • Details of any additional environmental, cost, safety or other resource benefits achieved.
  • Information about how the project fits in with your overall fleet policy and wider business strategy and the extent to which environmental considerations form part of that strategy.
  • Overview of any monitoring and reporting in place e.g. fuel use, mileage, published and overall carbon emissions.
  • Where relevant, how you gain or maintain staff buy-in.
  • Any positive impacts outside of your organisation as a result of your actions e.g. impact on employees outside of work hours, customers and contractors.
  • Details of any press or publicity coverage for the project.
  • Details of any other corporate energy-saving or environmental policies, practices or certification (i.e. ISO 14001).

Supporting documents

Judging will be based primarily on the information provided in application form narrative. Applicants may attach up to three additional documents as evidence. These should quantify any fuel, mileage and emissions reductions achieved in support of the application. Any additional information provided will not be considered. The consideration of any and all supporting information in the judging process will be at the judges’ discretion.







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